Types of pollution by fish market

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What type of wastes are generated in a vegetable and a fish market?

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Fishing industry in the Maldives

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How Does Water Pollution Affect Fish?

Introduction of this professor in the lagoon enhances even times depending capacity of water. A Complete List of the Different Types of Fish. Fish are aquatic creatures found all over the world. Quite a few of the freshwater species are now endangered due to water pollution caused by humans.

Puffer Fish. Piranha. Cat Fish. Swordtail Fish. Archer Fish Amongst all types of fish, freshwater fish seem to be the most vulnerable when. air pollution and water pollution are the main types of pollution generated in fish and vegetable market.

Oct 01,  · Best Answer: 1. The problems faced by the residents would be of Biological pollution, decomposing organic matter and the evolving gases giving out bad odour. Most fish and vegetable markets generate huge quantities of organic waste that serve as the medium in which bacteria can redoakpta.comlly true for fish Status: Resolved.

most of the evidence for pollution causing or increasing disease in fish in open waters is circumstantial. Historical data proves that almost all fish and shellfish diseases known today have been described since the end of the last century.


Problems with Condensed Space and Waste. Concentrated fish can mean concentrated waste. Combined with uneaten food pellets, fish waste can impact the local environment by polluting the water and smothering plants and animals on the seafloor. Concentrated fish can mean concentrated waste.

Combined with uneaten food pellets, fish waste can impact the local environment by polluting the water and smothering plants and animals on the seafloor. There are also concerns that diseases and parasites—common occurrences in crowded pens—are spread to wild fish.

Types of pollution by fish market
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Depletion of fish stocks