The three main types of government funds are governmental business type and fiduciary funds

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Venture capital

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Government and Not For Profit Accounting: Concepts and Practices, 6th Edition

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Added by Acts65th Leg. D. Account for the basic fund-types used by government – governmental funds, proprietary funds and fiduciary funds; E. Prepare the primary financial statements-both government wide and fund. Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) account.

This is a new type of savings account for individuals with disabilities and their families. The County’s enterprise fund (one type of proprietary fund) is the same as its business-type activities, but provides more detail and additional information, such as cash flow.

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Fiduciary Funds – The County is the trustee, or fiduciary, for various external and internal parties. Funds that cross certain benchmarks are required to be reported separately, and governments may show smaller governmental funds separately if those funds are considered important to the government or the readers of its financial statements.

Fund accounting

The remaining "non-major" funds are aggregated in a single column on the face of the financial statements. → Enterprise & Fiduciary Funds will use the Accrual Basis The reporting government’s main operating fund (the general fund or least 10 percent of the corresponding total for all funds of that category or type (that is total governmental or total enterprise funds), AND.

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The three main types of government funds are governmental business type and fiduciary funds
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