Team catfish super j hooks

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Team Catfish Furry Thang Tcf73q 4/0 J Hook

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catfish hooks

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The Team Catfish 30-Piece Cat Kit

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Sequel Hook

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Sally Fishing Tackle The most critical part of all your own gear will be small. Team Catfish SUPER CAT J Hooks - #10/0 Extra-wide gap and heavy-gauge construction for larger baits and larger catfish! These super-sized Team Catfish SUPER CAT J Hooks are built big tough to handle the monster bottom feeder you've been chasing. has a wide range of cut bait, catfish dip bait, several dough baits, along with the dip worms, sponge hooks, liver hooks and many other specialty items needed to catch these fish.

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We know these baits will give you great results because we have tried them ourselves and the. Find great deals for Team Catfish Furry Thang Tcf73q 4/0 J Hook. Shop with confidence on eBay! There are currently, guest(s) and member(s) that are online.

You are Anonymous user. You can register by clicking here. 2 HOOKS - Team Catfish TC91Z 8/0 Super J Size 8/0 Black Nickel Fishing Hooks See more like this. team catfish hooks real gear double action circle hook size 1/0 bait 6 per. Brand New. 3 packs team catfish hooks real gear mighty wide bait hook size 9/0 tc90z See more like this.

Team Catfish TC91Z-8/0 Super J Hook

The Team Catfish EZ Load Dip Bait Tubes are the best there is. They are super soft with 3 large vent/loading holes in them. The 3 Large holes make these tubes very easy to load with dip bait.

Team catfish super j hooks
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