Riba its types

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Classification of Riba in Islamic Finance

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Types of Riba

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Then, every type has a key of varieties. The first is riba al-nasi’a and the second is riba al-fadl. 4. Types of Riba: Riba has been classified into two categories: • • Riba al-nasi'a Riba al-fadl 4 Riba al-nasi'a is excess by way of deferment of completion of exchange, for example a loan of USD 1, for a deferred repayment of USD 1, a year later.5/5(1).

Classification of Riba There are two types of Riba, identified to date by the scholars namely 'Riba An Nasiyah' and 'Riba Al Fadl'. Riba An Nasiyah 'Riba An Nasiyah' is defined as excess, which results from predetermined interest (sood) which a lender receives over and above the principal (Ras ul Maal) in any loan transaction.

Riba and Its Types The word riba means excess, increase, or addition. From a Shariah point of view, it can be interpreted as: an excess compensation or unjustified.

Riba & Its Types

Riba' The word "Riba" means excess, increase or addition, which correctly interpreted according to Shariah terminology, implies any excess compensation without due consideration (consideration does not include time value of money).

Types of Riba Types of riba Description Sub-type of riba Description Riba Duyun: Unjustified increment in money lent whether in kind or cash over and above the principal amount.

Riba Qard: Increase (interest) on the principal sum of the loan is agreed upon at the point of contract. Other orthodox scholars agree and state riba an-jahiliya, riba an-nasiya, riba al-duyun, riba al-Quran, riba al-qardh are all names for one of the two types of riba.

(The second type being riba al-fadl.) Riba an-nasiya: the excess accruing from a loan transaction.

Riba its types
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