Lab 1 carbohydrates bch2333

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In the more part an assay of links and proteins in the members is done. Lab 1: Reactions and stereochemistry of carbohydrates Objective: Introduction: Carbohydrates, also known as sugars or saccharides, are an important class of biochemical compounds, because they function as sources of energy in living organisms as well as structural materials for cells.

Lab BCH Section: Lab 1 Carbohydrates: Separation Techniques Based on Molecular Size TA: Wednesday, January 16th, Team #4 By: Partner: Purpose The purpose of this experiment is to exemplify how differences in molecular weight allow separation of polymers from their monomers.

BCH Winter (Lab Coordinator Coutu) Attached is the lab from 3 years ago. The lab hasn't changed significantly so here it is. Lab 4 section 1, group 19 and 20’s two dimensional TLC for lipid standards.

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The first dimension represents the movement in a basic solvent while the second dimension represents movement in. Laboratory 1: Carbohydrates Demonstrator: Curtis Walton February 1st Team #12 Student Name: James Hill Student number: Purpose The purpose of this lab was to learn and analyze the properties of monosaccharides (glucose) and polysaccharides (starch) as learn techniques commonly used to study them such as dialysis.

These building blocks include amino acids, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates.

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The general objectives of this course are: 1. Understand the chemical structures fundamental to biochemistry 2.

Lab 1 carbohydrates bch2333
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