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Ancient Troy: The City & the Legend

Troy City Hall Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday November 19, by Troy City Hall 0 City Hall will be closed on Thursday, November 22, and Friday, November 23, in observation of the Thanksgiving holiday and will reopen on Monday, November 26, at a.m.

CITY OF TROY MISSION STATEMENT: Through sound and prudent leadership, the City of Troy is committed to sustaining its continued prominence as a regional hub by providing a well-balanced community for its residents, businesses and visitors, consisting of a vibrant downtown, growing economic base, strong educational environment, and.

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Nestled in the heart of Lincoln County and just 60 minutes from St. Louis, Troy offers a balance of rural charm and suburban convenience. Troy boasts a wide range of housing and has uniqueshops in its historic Main Street district. Spring Street Cleaning Schedule; City of Troy – Free Summer Youth Programs () One Monument Square – Community Design Workshops ().

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City of troy
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