Cell phone ban on operators of

Airlines ban cell phones -- but why?

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Cell Phones and Texting: Distracted Driving Laws in Wyoming

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Distracted Driving Laws in Delaware

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MBTA Disciplines 18 Employees After Cell Phone Ban

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CALENDAR OF COMING EVENTS THE OFFICIAL NEWS PUBLICATION OF THE PROFESSIONAL TOWING AND RECOVERY OPERATORS OF ILLINOIS Volume 13 — Issue 1 “Shedding Light On The Illinois Towing Industry”. CELLULAR DEVICES BY TRAIN OPERATORS SAN FRANCISCO, September 18, - The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) inappropriate personal use of a cell phone by the train’s engineer.

“Because of the possible danger to passengers, the general public, and the railroad workers whether this ban on cellular devices, or other. Jul 27,  · An MBTA operator has been suspended for ten days for breaking the T's recently passed cell phone ban after a Chronicle reporter snapped a photo of the bus driver talking on what looked like a cell phone this week.

LOS ANGELES - Amid a federal investigation into whether a commuter train engineer was texting before a deadly collision with another train, the state's top rail safety regulator is seeking.

Banning Cell Phone Use by Commercial Truck Operators – Sound Policy or Over-Reaction? Many companies in the trucking industry are debating whether to implement an outright ban of cellphone use by their truck operators while they are behind the wheel driving on busy roads and highways.

What spurred this discussion? The liability. OSHA restricts the use of cell phones by crane operators. Read our blog to learn more about the dangers caused by distraction of using phones in operations. These alarming statistics have pushed at least 46 states to ban all drivers from texting while driving.

Aside from state laws on distracted driving, various regulatory authorities have.

Cell phone ban on operators of
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The Caucus Blog of the Illinois House Republicans: Know the law: Illinois' new cellphone ban