Alcohol should be banned in public

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Debate: Alcohol ban

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Debate: Alcohol ban

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alcohol should be banned

Lifting a beverage from my hand to my mouth causes no one any harm, disruption or even distraction. Whether or not alcohol is in that beverage is irrelevant, the acting of consuming a beverage is unexceptional.

That is all that drinking in public. Alcohol should be banned/restricted on principal; tax revenue is a practicality. It is also true that tax revenues would be lost if alcohol were banned.

Should alcohol advertising be banned? Public health experts reply

However, again, this is not a principled reason to reject the proposition, simply a practical problem. Should alcohol advertising be banned?

Public health experts reply. A senior scientist, Professor Michael Good, has called for a ban on alcohol advertising.

Apr 08,  · Powdered alcohol should be banned in every state Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr.

Alcohol adverts should be banned on TV before 9pm, says Scottish Government

Leana Wen joined state Comptroller Peter Franchot to talk about the dangers of powdered alcohol. Why shouldn't we ban alcohol? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 22 Answers. Vivek Ravindranath, Consultant. Public health-wise, we could easily regulate the distribution and consumption of alcohol without making it a huge burden on society as a whole.

Why alcohol should be banned? Instead people should know their limits and should .

Alcohol should be banned in public
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Should alcohol advertising be banned? Public health experts reply | Croakey